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Jorhat Municipal Board

Situated at the southern bank of the Brahmaputra river, Jorhat is a rapidly growing city which is also gradually developing as an economic and commercial hub in Assam second to Guwahati. The civic amenities  in the Jorhat city is looked after by the Jorhat Municipal Board. The Jorhat Municipal Board, located at the heart of the Jorhat city, works constantly for the betterment of the society and the upliftment of the lives of the people.

Formation of Jorhat Municipal Board

Jorhat served as the the last capital of the Ahom kingdom during the 1790s. To reshape the local administration a union board was established in 1880 and in 1909 the union board was upgraded to form the present day Jorhat Municipal Board. Presently there are 19 wards in Jorhat Municipal Board and it administers an area of 9 sq km.

Functions & Services of Jorhat Municipality

Jorhat municipal boardThe Jorhat Municipal Board is providing efficient services to the people of the city. The Jorhat municipality works endlessly for the betterment of localities in Jorhat by providing services like renewable energy, drinking water, streetlight and proper roads. And in doing that the board has the access to modern tools for roads, drain development, germs fighting and street lighting maintenance etc. The services that the Jorhat Municipality looks after are:

  • Water Supply
  • Renewable energy
  • Storm water drainage system
  • Solid waste management
  • Roads and transportation
  • Sanitation and health
  • Property tax
  • Water works
  • Drinking water
  • Roads
  • Street light
  • Park

Contact Number and Address of Jorhat Municipality

Jorhat Municipal Board
Unnayan Bhavan, Jorhat- 785001, Assam
Phone Number: 0376-2320017
Email: info@jorhatmunicipalboard.org
Website: http://www.jorhatmunicipalboard.org/index.php

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Comments / Discussion Board - Jorhat Municipal Board

  • A
    Amitabh baruah from Jorhat. 39 Days ago

    Sir.i am a resident of rawriah.i have a plot of land in hezari gaon jorhat.as such I want to build a house there.i want to know how can I obtain building permissions from your office.please inform.amitabh baruah.8473864032.

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  • N
    Nitin tanti from jorhat 39 Days ago

    i am nitin tanti resident in rowriah tini ali jorhat assam the street light of kb road is not working so step it annd wht is the prblem that the street light are not working

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  • R
    Rocky Borah from Jail Road, near Press Club, Jorhat 117 Days ago

    Respected sirs, I am Rocky Borah a resident of Jail Road, near Press Club and I wanted to make a complaint regarding plastic wastes burning by "Global Diagnostics", a newly opened medical diagnostics centre. "Global Diagnostics" is right in the middle of a tightly packed residential area(near press club) and they burn their medical plastic wastes in huge quantities in their backyard, due to which the entire neighbourhood gets engulfed by the harmful smoke and even enters our homes, the burning which lasts for 2 3 hrs totally hampers the surrounding environment and our living conditions as we can feel ourselves inhaling the harmful smoke. We, the local residents even after telling them repeatedly in the past to stop burning their plastic wastes here as it affects our living conditions, didnt pay any kind of heed to our requests. So, that only leaves the Jorhat Muncipal Board for us to approach help.So sirs, with high faith and trust on you and the Jorhat Municipal Board, I write to implore you to please consider this matter and solve this issue at the earliest. To give you a slight insight on the matter, I am hereby attaching a few pics of today's(20/9/2018) burning of plastic wastes. With regards, Yours truely, Rocky Borah +917002979079 rockyborah.ku2016@gmail.com Citizen of Jail Road, near Press Club, Jorhat

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  • R
    Rashmita Mukherjee from Guwahati 447 Days ago

    Can I pay house tax online at jorhat municipal board

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