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Entertainment in Jorhat

The term entertainment is a whole concept. Entertainment includes within it aspects like cinema, theater, dance and music and shopping among others. And as such Jorhat has all the entertainment facilities by which one can relax and find fun. Shopping malls, hotels and restaurants and fast food chains have seen a mushrooming growth all over the city. Let us now take a look at the ways of entertainment in the Jorhat city.

Cinema Halls in Jorhat

Cinema is the major source of entertainment of the people. In cinematic and theatrical entertainment are included aspects as circus, music, dance, drama and plays etc. There are several cinema halls in Jorhat where tourists can freak out. Cinema halls located in Jorhat are Eley Cinema Hall, Smriti Gopal Cinema Hall, Shree Binayak Cinema, Star Moviez etc.

Eley Cinema Hall
Address: Garali,Jorhat, Jorhat HO, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: +(91)-9207312665   

Smriti Gopal Cinema Hall
Address: J P R Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: +(91)-9954488655   

Shree Binayak Cinema
Address: Kennedy Park, Mariani, Jorhat - 785634
Phone: +(91)-3771-242048, +(91)-9864051730   

Star Moviez
Address: Near Uco Bank, Titabor, Jorhat - 785630
Phone: +(91)-9707648368  

Theater in Jorhat

Jorhat comprises of rural and urban population. The rural people still find theater the most important source of entertainment. Not only them but there are also some urban classes who find plays and theater very interesting source of entertainment. Traditional form of Assamese entertainment is called Bhaona. The theme of "Bhaona" is based on religion. "Bhaona" are plays written by Vaishnava saint Srimanta Shankardeva. Bhaonas are usually performed in Jorhat and people are very much thrilled and entertained by the plays in "Bhaona".

Radio in Jorhat

Radio is another source of entertainment for the people. On the radio could be heard songs, news, plays, interviews etc in Assamese, Hindi, English and other regional languages. Jorhat has the radio station namely All India Radio,  Jorhat.

Dance & Music in Jorhat

Dance and music are one of the most important aspects of entertainment in Jorhat. Bihu dances are accompanied by Bihu songs known as Bihu Geet. Bihu songs are mainly folk in nature. The people of Jorhat are very enthusiastic about Bihu. During Bihu festivities people are very actively involved in Bihu dance and music.

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Shopping in Jorhat

VishalShopping is an activity no one dislikes. It is also a major source of relaxation and entertainment for people. Jorhat is fast developing as a town where the investors like to invest. Many hopping malls and complexes have opened in Jorhat that provide the best shopping experience to people. The people of Jorhat entertain themselves by shopping all around the city and visiting shopping malls like Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazar and so on in Jorhat. Jorhat is abuzz with market areas also. In the markets in Jorhat could be found exquisite silk, bamboo and cane products, traditional jewellery, silk items and tea etc. For exquisite silk stuffs in Jorhat you can visit these emporiums and shops.

Sankardev Silkalay  
Location: Main Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9435704819  

Kalpataru Silk Emporium
Location: Bisturam Baruah Hall, A T Road, Jorhat HO, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9707897838  

Nalini Silk House
Location: Main Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 8876187544  

Jorhat Fancy Silk House
Location: Main Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9859292607  

Jorhat Asom Silk Emporium
Location: Near Bocl Petrol Pump, A.T.Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9864910454  

Tant Ghar
Location: Main Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9435051101  
Email: info@jorhatmycity.com

Kaina Silk House
Location: Main Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: 9864142136   

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Restaurants & Hotels in Jorhat

Visiting restaurants and hotels also gives entertainment to people. The people of Jorhat entertain themselves by visiting the many hotels and restaurants located here. The finest hotels and restaurants in Jorhat are hotel Heritage, New Park, Earl Grey, Jora Palace, Baruah's Inn, Eastern, MD's Continental, Arya Hotel and New Paradise. A quick look at the hotels and restaurants in Jorhat:

Hotel Atlanta
Address: ENA Supper Market, Babupatty, Jorhat, Assam - 785640, India
Contact No: 03772-223218

Hotel Bikanir
Address: Jorhat HO, Jorhat – 785001
Contact No: (0376) 2300265

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Food Hut Restaurant
Location: Mg Road, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat, Assam - 785001
Contact Number: +91 9401093569

Crazy Hut Restaurant
Location: M.M. Plaza, K.B. Road
Jorhat, Assam
Contact Number: 0376 230 1800

Sagar Restaurant
Location: Raja Maidam Rd, New Colony
Jorhat, Assam

Kalpana Restaurant
Location: Old Balibat, Gar-Ali
Jorhat, Assam

Taari di Hatti
Location: Gajraj Tower, Opp Indian Overseas Bank,
Garali Rd, Gar-Ali, Jorhat, Assam
Contact Number: +91 92 07 136929

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Bars in Jorhat

Jironi Restaurant & Bar
Address: 37, Bye Pass, Near Bhaskar Jyoti Fuel Complex Jorhat, Jorhat Ho, Jorhat - 785001
Phone: +(91)-9435478988   

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