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Historic Sites in Jorhat

Jorhat is dotted with historical sites like Garh Ali, Ladaigarh and Magolu Khat. Several tanks are also located in Jorhat like Bangal Pukhuri is a man made reservoir belonging to the Ahom era.

Garh Ali

The historic site Garh Ali is a large embankment built during the war between the Ahoms and Moamarias. It was built in order to protect the Ahom kingdom from the attacks of the Moamarias. It starts from Seoni Ali and extends upto the Naga hills. It is also called Bibuddhi ghar.


The name of Gazpur comes after the incident when an Ahom king decided to make a town by collecting one thousand elephants. But since it was not possible to collect one thousand elephants, the king gave up the idea and named the place as Gazpur.

Magolu Khat

Magolu Khat is situated 4 miles west of Jorhat town. King Rajeshwar Sinha established the Mogolus or Manipuris here after marrying  Kuranganayani, the princess of Manipur at Manaimaji village.


King Pratap Sinha constructed a garh on the north and south to protect his kingdom. One part of the garh is called Mera garh. Swalat garh is on the northern side and Ladai garh on the southern side.

Purnananda Buragohain Maidan

This historical site is situated on the banks of Tocklai river, near the Macharhat Namghar. It was made by the son of Purnananda Buragohain, who established his kingdom at Macharhat.

Raja Maidam

Raja Maidam was created to preserve the ashes of king Purandar Sinha. The maidam lies on the south bank of Toklai river.

Lachit Borphukan Maidan

It is dedicated to the greatest Ahom general Bir Lachit who defeated the Mughals at Saraighat in 1672.

Kunwori Pukhuri

Kunwori pukhuri is situated near the trunk road in Jorhat. It is a huge tank in the city. It was built by Parbatiya Kunwori, grand daughter of Ahom king Sataialia Dilabandha Borgohain.

Baduli Pukhuri

Baduli pukhuri is a tank excavated during the reign of king Jayadhvaj Sinha by Baduli Borphukan near the Trunk road at Teok. The tank was named after Baduli Borphukan.

Bangal Pukhuri

Bangal Pukhuri is a man made reservoir belonging to the Ahom era.

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