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Religious Places in Jorhat

The town of Jorhat has a number of religious places like temples, namghars, satras, mosques, churches and gurudwaras where both local devotess and devotees from all over Assam come to offer their prayers. The Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar in Jorhat is amongst the most popular temples here. Let us discover more about the religious spots in Jorhat.

Temples and Namghars in Jorhat

Namghars are places of worship in Assam. There are many namghars located in Jorhat. There are also temples located in Jorhat. The famous amongst them are: 

Dhekiakhowa Namghar:

Dhekiakhowa BornamgharThis is a namghar of Jorhat established by Vaishnavite saint Madhabdeva for preaching Vaishnavite culture and teachings. It was established in the year 1528 more than 485 years back. It is located in Dhekiakhowa village of Jorhat town. It is situated at a distance of 15 kms east of Jorhat and around 3.5 kms from the National Highway 37. Due to its large campus and the historical essence related to it, the namghar is called a Bornamghar.  The namghar is located in a beautiful complex with the entrance decorated with two elephant structures holding an umbrella. The namhar has large rooms with structures of Krishna and His avatars built across the rooms. There is also a room nearby where earthen lamps and incense sticks are lit. The namghar every year hosts prayer meetings and also celebrates ‘Raas’ utsav and the birth and death anniversaries of Vaishnavite saints Shrimanta Shankardeva and Madhavdeva. The namghar also contributes for the social as well as the cultural welfare of the people in addition to preaching the Eka sarana religion.

Burigosani Thaan:

The Buragosain Devalaya or Buragosain Thaan is located in Jorhat town and is a popular Shakta shrine. The temple deity is Burigosain and there is also an idol of a priest which were brought from Jayantiya. They were established first in Rangpur and later were shifted to the present location in Jorhat. 

Bilvesvar Shiva Temple:

The Bilvesvar Shiva temple is located on the South trunk road in Jorhat towards the northern part of the Jorhat district. The Bilvesvar Shiva temple has a holy tank near it which was built by Ruchinath Buragohain. The temple is located at a distance of 35 kms from Jorhat town on the NH 37. Tourists can reach the temple by state operated buses and taxis available from Jorhat town.

Mosques in Jorhat

Jorhat has a number of mosques situated across the town. Bhogdoi Mosque, Garali Mosque, Bura Masjid, Tarajan Mosque, Station Chariali Masjid are famous mosques located across Jorhat which are visited frequently by devotees.

Churches in Jorhat

Jorhat town has a number of churches like the Jorhat Baptist Church, St. Mary Mother of Church and Believers Church in Jorhat. The Jorhat Baptist Church was established in the year 1906 and is located in the Rajabari mission compound area in Jorhat town. The St Mary Mother of Church is located in Lichubari area of Jorhat district.

Satras in Jorhat

Religious places in JorhatLike namghars Sattras are also places of worship. The Sattras are associated with the Vaishnava preachings and teachings. There are many satras located in Majuli, the biggest river island near Jorhat town. These satras was built by Vaishnavaite saint Mahapurush Shrimanta Shankardeva. Some of the satras of Majuli include:

Dakhinpat Satra: The Dakhinpat Satra was found by Vaishnavite saint Banamalidev and the center regularly holds the important Rasleela festival.

Garamurh Satra: This Satra, which was founded by Saint Lakshmikanta Deva, houses ancient weapons of Ahom rule which are known as ‘Bartop’ or cannons.

Auniati Satra: The Auniati Satra was founded by Niranjan Pthakdeva and is popular for ‘Paalnaam’ and Apsara dances held here. There are also many ancient Assamese artifacts, utensils and other commodities in the Satra. There are around hundred and twenty five disciples in the satra.

Kamalabari Satra: This Satra was found by Bedulapadma Ata and it also has a branch Uttar Kamalabari Satra which regularly hosts cultural programmes of popular Satria Art across India and also abroad.

Benegenaati Satra: This Satra has many cultural and historically significant antiques. The Satra is a center of performing arts and houses the royal raiment belonging to Ahom King Swargadeo Gadadhar Singha. This raiment is made of pure gold and there is a golden royal umbrella in the Satra.

Shamaguri Satra: The Shamaguri Satra of Majuli is popular for mask making in India.

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