Administration of Jorhat

administrationThe Jorhat district is the second most developed city after Guwahati in Assam. The district administration in Jorhat is headed by the Deputy Commissioner. Elected bodies like corporations, municipality and town committee are constituted for management and implementation of developmental schemes here in Jorhat. Let us have a detailed picture of the administration of Jorhat in the form of its assembly constituencies, divisions and subdivisions and many more aspects.

Deputy Commissioner, Jorhat
Phone: - 0376-2320020; 2320377
Fax - 0376 - 2320073
Email : [email protected]

Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies in Jorhat

Jorhat has three Parliamentary constituencies and six Assembly constituencies which are as follows:

Assembly Constituencies

  1. 97 Dergaon
  2. 98 Jorhat
  3. 99 Majuli
  4. 100 Titabor
  5. 101 Mariani
  6. 102 Teok
Parliamentary Constituencies

  1. 11- Kaliabor
  2. 12- Jorhat
  3. 14- Lakhimpur

Divisions and sub divisions in Jorhat

For the overall development of Jorhat divisions and sub divisions have been made so that the elected representatives can go deep inside the political aspects and look after the overall development of the city.

Sub divisions: 3
  1. Jorhat
  2. Titabor
  3. Majuli

Circles: 6
  1. Jorhat East
  2. Jorhat West
  3. Mariani
  4. Titabor
  5. Teok
  6. Majuli
Development Blocks: 8
  1. Jorhat (Baghchung)
  2. North West Jorhat (Dhekorgarah)
  3. Central Jorhat (Chipahikhola)
  4. Kaliapani
  5. East Jorhat (Selenghat)
  6. Titabor
  7. Majuli
  8. Ujani Majuli
Other Important facts

Number of Gaon Panchayats: 111
Number of Anchalik Parishads: 8
Number of Zila Parishads: 23
Number of Town Committees: 3
Number of Municipal Boards:1
Number of villages: 842
Number of Police Stations: 10
Number of Police Outposts: 17
Number of Tea Gardens: 135

Jorhat Municipal Board

Government Offices in Jorhat

Courts in Jorhat

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